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Gardeners, get out your love apples, because when it comes to tasty tomatoes, Colorado has a lot to be proud of.  Our prowess in pasting the competition is so good that, for the past six years, we’ve been chosen to host the NatureSweet Homegrown Tomato challenge (naturesweettomatoes.com).   heirloom tomato

This year the throwdown takes place August 22 at King Soopers, 15200 West 64th Avenue, Arvada. Contestants will vie for top honors in two categories – large and small – to see who has the sweetest tomato.  Winners walk away with a $2,500 first prize.  All you need you need to do to enter is bring three large or ten small tomatoes (all the same variety) to the contest.

Go to their website to download the registration form, but you can also just show up with your tasty toms and enter them.  I’ll be there to judge, but not to enter, so stop by and say hello.

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