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Be careful what you wish for.  In a grump after spending all day Sunday processing tomatoes (dehydrating, saucing, freezing), I blurted out “C’mon frost!”

Frost may not show up but his cousin, snow, is predicted for the Denver area tonight after midnight.  Rain mixed with snow and accumulations up to one-inch are expected, so pick your produce before dark.  If your winter squash, melons and pumpkins aren’t ripe, tent the patch with a cover of PLASTIC, not blankets.

If you plan on trying to tent your tomatoes, keep in mind that those which have started to color can take the cold temps under cover, but immature green tomatoes will stop development and never ripen.  Pick these today and enjoy them fried. 

Cover your tender plants,  being sure that the covering does not touch the plant and extends completely to the ground.  The warmth of the soil will fill the covering like a tent, keeping temperatures just above freezing.  Cloth coverings won’t work because of the rainy conditions before the snow, so plastic is preferred.  Remove the coverings in the morning to allow the soil to warm again.

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