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Gardeners, if you have tropical plants in containers or houseplants you grew on the patio, now is the time to bring those in for the night.  Temperatures are predicted to be 38 to 40 degrees tonight, far colder than those plants will tolerate.

The week long forecast looks to be a bit colder at night, depending on whom you believe, so toss a blanket and plastic sheet over any garden plants you’d like to save.  Remember, the warmth from the soil is what keeps the plants from freezing, so drape your cover all the way to the ground, anchoring it along the bottom so it doesn’t blow off.

If we continue to get rain squalls, blankets alone are not a good choice; once wet they no longer protect the plant.  Plastic over the blankets will work well.

Remember to remove these covers in the morning – it gets hot under the blankets and roasts those plants during the day.

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