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Today’s post is provided by guest writer Nicolle Sloane:

So, you’re out in the yard lolling around kicking at the pine cones littering your front yard beneath that massive Scotch pine you had promised yourself you’d prune back this year – but didn’t. Or maybe you took your kids up to the mountains for a late autumn hike and along the way decided to collect a bunch of pine cones to do some sort of craft with once you got back home – but those pine cones are still confined to the bags that you dumped in the mudroom and haven’t bothered with since.

 Do you want to do something with those pretty little bits of nature? Something cute? Something festive? Something just perfect for this holiday season? Well, with a glue gun, a Styrofoam wreath, some brown spray paint, a ribbon and a couple of spare hours you can create this pretty pine cone wreath (last I looked, wreaths of a very similar nature were going for $50-$100+ in some of the Christmas decorating catalogs). 

 So, let’s get on with this thing. Here are your instructions.

 1.     Collect the pine cones, if you have not done so already. I filled about three paper lunch bags full of Scotch pine cones (found in my front yard). I also purchased a couple of bags of cinnamon-scented pine cones for 99 cents each at Michael’s stores. I mixed and matched from there.

2.     You’ll need a mid-sized bare bones Styrofoam wreath, which you can purchase from your favorite craft store.

3.     You’ll need a small can of brown spray paint. You will spray the Styrofoam wreath with it. You don’t need to coat the wreath, but just get it lightly browned so the stark white doesn’t show through after you’re finished gluing on all of your pine cones. The newly spray painted brownish wreath will need to dry for a few hours so you’re not inhaling nasty spray paint fumes as you glue your pine cones onto the wreath. I spray painted mine and then just let it sit outside overnight.

4.     Sit down in a comfortable chair at your kitchen table, turn on your trusty glue gun, and start gluing. Try to really pack the pine cones together, one tightly glued next to the other and then some on top of each other so you end up with a heavy, beefy pine cone wreath. You may even need to glue in between some of the pine cones, but just try not to use so much glue that you can see a bunch of shiny, gluey blobs all over your pine cones when you’re finished.

This whole process will take a couple of hours. You’ll start finding the project tedious, boring even. Just keep looking at the photo of the one I finished and know that when you’ve finally glued that last damn pine cone to the damn brownish Styrofoam wreath you will have something quite lovely to hang up for your holiday enjoyment that costs pennies in comparison to a similar one purchased from Pottery Barn or the like; you will have done it all with your own two hands (and maybe a few choice words directed at the glue gun, the pine cones, or me); and you will have it for years and years to come.

 5.     When the last pine cone has been glued and you have oooh’d and ahhh’d yourself to pieces and you’ve shown your husband and your kids this pretty little thing you made all by your lonesome, you can tie a ribbon or some fabric around it and hang it up in a favorite indoor location of your home.

I wish you well in this endeavor, and hope you’ll share this little crafty project with your friends.

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