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Botanical Interests first-ever catalog!

Garden blogger Jodi Torpey posted a note on the unveiling of the new Botanical Interests seed catalog, extolling the beauty and unique offerings found within its pages.  I’d like to jump on the same bandwagon and urge gardeners to check out the first catalog ever produced by this Broomfield, Colo., based seed company.

 Within its pages, gloriously illustrated with the botanical drawings the company’s seed packets are famous for, you’ll find the reasons I have to pace myself whenever I see their seed racks at local garden centers.  The plants are beautiful, whimsical, fragrant or delicious; they perform like champions every time I sow them.

Though I’m a die-hard vegetable gardener, the Cherry Brandy Rubeckia flower on the cover caught my eye, and it was all I could do to stop myself from moaning out loud as Curtis Jones, who co-owns the business with Judy Seaborn, handed the catalog to me.  It’s hard to focus on the interview I was there to get when I just wanted to curl up in the nearest chair to lose myself in those pages. 

Bontaical Interests Cherry Rudbeckia on their 2010 calendar

Behind us in their order fill room, where they pull and pack catalog orders for shipment, the wall was filled with racks of packets and boxes of seed collections.  These collections are an exciting way to get all-in-one gardens; from flowers that attract bees or please your cat to edibles for children’s gardens or gourmet kitchens.

I want these plants; I want them all, which is something Judy understands.  Chatting with her as their Labrador, Buddy, softly snored on the floor between us, she chuckled over the question “when you have all of this to choose from, what do you grow for yourself?”  In hindsight that was a silly question to ask someone who loves to garden – even Buddy let out a snort upon hearing it.

 “What do I grow on ‘Judy’s mini-farm’?” she said, laughing, “I love everything here, that’s the problem.”  A recent trip to a trade show had her rubbing her hands in anticipation over the new varieties she’ll trial in her yard.  With 32 raised beds, Judy takes a practical approach to trying nearly every seed they offer, planting beds a few at a time to keep her hobby manageable.

 Testing the plants themselves and offering only the finest, most dependable varieties, Botanical Interests has thrived in the 15 years they’ve been in business.  And with the addition of catalog shopping, gardeners will be watching this company grow.

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