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Snuggle up to your favorite sweetie and send the kids from the room – today’s video  is all about squash love.  (produced by the Boulder Camera)

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My editor at the Boulder Camera talked me into making a series of videos about gardening this summer.   The experience has not been without mishaps – dumping fish emulsion in the newsroom was one – but as the summer wears on I can say I’ve learned a few things:

1)    Plants don’t cooperate with the video crew, so if you’re not good at a quick origami of leaves to hold them away from the scene, you’ll end up with leaves in your face.

2)  Interns from the local university are talented, but only experience can teach them not to record a woman of my age from below and slightly behind.  Visiting hours at the hospital are from 9 am to 8:30 pm daily.

3)  Have all planes from the local airport file their flight plans with you before taping.  Explain to the pilots that they’re temporarily grounded due to a gardening video.  

4)  The microphone’s always on and the video’s always recording, so someday that “freak-out” dance I did over the snake will find its way onto Youtube.

5)  Gardeners are kind people who love to share.  Many thanks to Roland, who cheerfully let me side dress his crops for the video.

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